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Top 10 Solar Company in India, 2024

India’s abundant sunshine and supportive government initiatives have positioned it as a global leader in solar energy. The solar market is experiencing tremendous growth, with several Indian solar companies at the forefront of this clean energy revolution.

This blog post dives deep into the top 10 solar companies in India, showcasing their strengths and the significant contributions they’re making to the industry.

Both homeowners seeking a rooftop solar solution and businesses searching for a dependable solar energy partner can benefit from this comprehensive list. It offers valuable insights to guide your decision.

Factors Fueling India’s Solar Boom
  • Favorable Government Policies: The Indian government has actively implemented supportive policies like subsidies and net metering to incentivize the adoption of solar energy.
  • Rising Electricity Demand: India’s booming economy necessitates a reliable and sustainable energy source. Solar power emerges as a clean and dependable solution.
  • Decreasing Solar Panel Costs: Advancements in solar technology have led to significant cost reductions, making solar power a more accessible option.
Top 10 Solar Companies in India


  1. APN Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd.

    A prominent player recognized for its diverse product range, encompassing on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid solar systems, solar water pumps, and solar lighting solutions. They prioritize ethical business practices and offer a robust support system for their franchise partners.

APN Solar caters to a wide range of solar energy needs, offering a comprehensive portfolio of products and services:

  • On-Grid Solar Systems: These grid-connected systems generate solar power that seamlessly integrates with the existing utility grid, reducing dependence on conventional electricity and lowering electricity bills.
  • Off-Grid Solar Systems: Ideal for remote locations without access to the main grid, off-grid systems provide a reliable source of clean energy for homes, businesses, and agricultural applications.
  • Hybrid Solar Systems: Combining the best of both worlds, hybrid systems utilize both solar power and the grid, ensuring uninterrupted power supply even during grid outages.

Beyond these core photovoltaic (PV) systems, APN Solar offers:

  • Solar Water Pumps: These efficient pumps harness the power of the sun to provide irrigation for farms and drinking water for remote communities.
  • Solar Lighting Solutions: From solar street lamps to home lighting systems, APN Solar offers a variety of options to illuminate homes, streets, and public spaces with clean, sustainable lighting.

This diverse product range ensures APN Solar has the perfect solution for any residential, commercial, or agricultural need.

Guiding Principles: Ethics and Support

APN Solar prioritizes ethical business practices, fostering trust and transparency in their dealings with customers and partners. Their commitment to ethical conduct ensures customers receive high-quality products and services at fair prices.

They understand that navigating the solar energy landscape can be daunting. That’s why APN Solar offers a robust support system for its franchise partners. This includes:

  • Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Assistance: APN Solar provides comprehensive support throughout the entire customer journey, from initial consultation to installation and after-sales service.
  • Marketing Materials: They equip their partners with essential marketing tools, such as brochures, banners, and visiting cards, to effectively promote their solar solutions.
  • Franchise Opportunities: APN Solar empowers entrepreneurs and investors by offering franchise opportunities. These structured franchise models cater to various involvement levels, allowing individuals to participate in the fast-growing solar industry.
A Commitment to Quality and Efficiency

APN Solar is dedicated to providing high-quality solar products. Their commitment is reflected in their certifications, including ISO 9001 & 2015, ISO 45001:2018, and ISO 14001: 2015. These certifications demonstrate their adherence to international standards in quality management, occupational health and safety, and environmental management.

Furthermore, APN Solar has established a strategic partnership with ‘Contendre Panels,’ a licensed manufacturer by MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy). This partnership ensures APN Solar’s products are not only high-performing but also meet stringent environmental responsibility standards.

A Streamlined Installation Process

APN Solar emphasizes a smooth and efficient installation process for their customers. Their organized approach includes:

  • Site Visits: APN Solar conducts thorough site assessments to determine the feasibility of solar panel installation and design a system that optimizes energy production based on specific requirements.
  • Design Documentation: Detailed design plans are created to ensure the system is installed correctly and meets all safety regulations.
  • Fabrication and Installation: APN Solar utilizes skilled professionals to handle the fabrication and installation of the solar system, ensuring a high-quality and stress-free experience for the customer.
  • Commissioning and Net Metering: After installation, APN Solar ensures the system is commissioned correctly and seamlessly integrated with the grid for net metering benefits, where excess solar energy generated can be credited back to the customer’s electricity bill.
Team Of APN Solar receiving award of the best solar company in Maharashtra.
Team of APN Solar receiving an award for the Best Solar Company In Maharashtra.
APN Solar: A Beacon for a Sustainable Future

APN Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. is a key player in India’s solar energy revolution. Their diverse product range, ethical business practices, robust support system, commitment to quality, and efficient installation process make them a trusted partner for individuals and businesses seeking to transition to clean energy. As India continues to harness its solar potential, APN Solar is well-positioned to play a vital role in shaping a brighter and more sustainable future.

  1. Adani Solar

    A vertically integrated company with expertise across the entire solar value chain. They manufacture solar cells and modules, undertake large-scale solar projects, and boast a global presence.

  2. Tata Power Solar

    A pioneering force in the solar sector, Tata Power Solar offers a comprehensive portfolio of solar solutions catering to various needs, from residential rooftop systems to large-scale industrial projects. Their focus on sustainability and community engagement initiatives sets them apart.

  3. Azure Power

    A key player known for their early involvement in developing solar projects across India. They’re at the forefront of innovation with their financing models, technological advancements in solar installations, and global recognition within the renewable energy sector.

  4. ReNew Power

    A leader in clean energy solutions, ReNew Power boasts a diversified renewable energy portfolio encompassing solar, wind, and hydro power projects. They’re renowned for their innovative project development strategies, focus on integrating sustainable practices throughout their operations, and their commitment to reducing the carbon footprint.

  5. Waaree Energies

    A well-established company with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for solar panels and modules. They offer a wide range of solar products, including solar inverters and water pumps, catering to diverse consumer needs. Waaree Energies has a global presence, exporting their solar products to various countries. Their commitment to research and development ensures they stay ahead of the curve technologically.

  6. Vikram Solar

    Renowned for their high-efficiency solar modules, Vikram Solar is committed to technological advancements. Their strategic partnerships with key players in the industry and research institutions enable them to leverage collective expertise and drive innovation in solar technology. Vikram Solar has also undertaken solar projects on the international stage, reflecting their global capabilities. Sustainability is a core principle, with the company actively engaging in practices that promote responsible business operations.

  7. Jakson Group

    A provider of end-to-end solutions in the solar energy sector, Jakson Group offers comprehensive services, from project conceptualization and execution to maintenance. They cater to the diverse needs of their clients. Notably, Jakson Group is involved in developing innovative energy storage solutions, a crucial aspect for addressing the intermittency of solar power and enhancing the overall reliability of renewable energy systems. Their experience extends beyond the solar industry, encompassing power generation, infrastructure, and hospitality sectors. This diversified experience strengthens Jakson Group’s capabilities in delivering integrated energy solutions. Their commitment to sustainability ensures their solar projects are designed and implemented with minimal environmental impact.

  8. Hero Future Energies

    Focused on bringing sustainable power to remote and underserved areas, Hero Future Energies strategically targets decentralized energy solutions. Their investment in advanced technologies ensures their solar projects remain efficient in the rapidly evolving solar industry. Hero Future Energies is actively involved in community empowerment initiatives, with their projects not only providing clean energy but also contributing to local economic development through skill-building and community engagement programs. They’ve formed strategic partnerships on the global stage, collaborating with international organizations and businesses to leverage global expertise and expand their footprint beyond the Indian solar market.

  9. Fourth Partner Energy

    Specializes in providing customized solar solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors. They cater to the specific energy needs of businesses, contributing to the adoption of sustainable practices within the corporate world. Beyond solar installations, Fourth Partner Energy offers energy efficiency services, including energy audits and efficiency measures, helping clients optimize their overall energy consumption.

In conclusion, these solar companies collectively represent the dynamic and rapidly growing solar energy market in India. Their diverse strengths, including technological innovation, sustainability initiatives, global presence, and community engagement, contribute to the overall advancement of the solar market in the country.

As India continues to harness its solar potential, these companies play a pivotal role in shaping the future of clean and renewable energy.



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