Mr. Rajesh Gupta

Mr. Rajesh has worked in many different industries for a long time. He's a go-getter and loves new chances. He brings years of experience in growing markets and building successful businesses to APN Solar.

Mr. Saroj Tripathi

Mr. Saroj is a well-known name in the business world. He runs several successful businesses and thrives on challenges. He's always looking for ways to grow in any field he enters.

Mr. Ganesh Rupnar

Mr. Ganesh has been in business for 6 years and brings valuable experience to his partnership with APN Solar. By joining our team, he's not only grown his own business but also helps the environment by promoting clean energy.

Mr. Swapan Chakrabarty

After a long and successful career of over 30 years with a respected company, Mr. Swapan decided to use his skills and dedication to help the solar industry grow. As a franchise partner, he plays a key role in supporting and developing the solar business.

Mr. Joydev Roy

Mr. Joydev is a multi-talented person who manages his current work very well. He's added solar to his business to show his care for the environment and grow in the solar sector.

Mr. Niranga Ram Patel

Mr. Niranga used to own a gas agency. He saw a chance to grow in the solar market and after looking for the best business plan, he decided to partner with APN Solar. Now, he's on his journey to success in the solar industry.