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Ongrid Solar

Grid-tied, on-grid, utility-interactive, grid intertie and grid backfeeding are all terms used to describe the same concept – a solar system that is connected to the utility power grid.

OFF Grid Solar Systems

An off-grid solar system (off-the-grid, standalone) is the obvious alternative to one that is grid-tied. For homeowners that have access to the grid, off-grid solar systems are usually out of question.

Hybrid Solar Systems

Hybrid solar systems combines the best from grid-tied and off-grid solar systems. These systems can either be described as off-grid solar with utility backup power.or grid-tied solar with extra battery storage.

Solar Water Pumps

Grid-tied, on-grid, utility-interactive, grid intertie & grid backfeeding are all terms used to describe the same concept – a solar system that is connected to the utility grid.

Solar Lights

The Off Grid Solar (PV) LED Parking / Street Light System are a standalone system. This means your system does not get any of its power sources from a utility company.

Solar Water Heater

A Solar Water Heater is a device which provides hot water for bathing, washing, cleaning, etc. using sun radiation to convert into solar energy.

Our Product Execution Process

We make sure our client gets all the information on the very first day of our visit with the POA of our work.

Making a clear view about the way the whole project will look like & PPA for Net metering Process.

A complete frame of GI structure with bolts & nuts for better strength & Installation according to the Single Line Diagram (SLD) with proper chain of Strings
& Series.

Final step when the entire solar system ready to connect with Net Meter along with PPA .


Services Provided by APN

Low Installation Costs

We are Glad to have you as our client and we make sure you don’t have to spend much while installing your product. we guarantee competitive installation Service at APN Solar

Reusable Energy

We Value our Mother Nature and we assure that we don’t waste our resources. we at APN Solar believe in Recycling Energy and Provide Top Notch services at your door step

Healthy and Safe Energy

Your Health and safety is our first priority. Our Products are designed in such a manner that the energy which is generated is harmless and Safe for you and your close once.

Multi Purpose Usage

Our Products are compatible and designed professionally to match all the condition and segments. Our products can be used in various segments and areas. we make sure to match all the necessity of our Clients. Our products can be used for multiple purposes like Residential, Commercial, Streets and list goes on.

Durable and Long Lasting

We Understand that Durability and Long lasting nature of products are very important. and we are proud to inform you that Our products undergoes Various tests and are compatible to Handle all the tough situations and climates. We Provide Certifies and premium quality product to satisfy your needs.

Hassle Free Installation

Installation process can be a headache sometimes but we are professionals and consists expert and professional team. We are capable of handle all the unexpected situation and got solution for each and every problems in our path hence we got your back covered so you can relax and enjoy our Premium services