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Role of renewable energy has been increasing in recent times with the growing concern for the country’s energy security. With the limitation of the conventional resources, renewable energy has become the major driver and shall be playing vital role in every field replacing the earlier ones.

APN Solar, established around two year ago, has been one of the pioneers in the rooftop solar regime & now an established player in Turkey Solar EPC Services, Catering to the increasing demand in the country. With presence in almost all major corners of the country has significant reach.

The startup is now growing young. With a dedicated team is known for quality & on time delivery APN Solar possess all relevant certifications like ISO 9001 & 2015 , ISO 45001:2018 , ISO 14001 : 2015 with MSME required for any player providing green technology & environmental friendly solutions.

Being a competitive Solar EPC company in India, it extends support exclusively in Consulting- Engineering – Contracting – Commissioning Services etc.

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The young and Talented Team led by experienced senior leadership which is equally supported by young and dynamic promoters.Valuing MISSION, the Company aims to provide green sustainable solution for generation to come.

Save Energy !!!

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An established name running in the 4th year of its inception requires an introduction no more. Lead contributor to the country’s National Solar Mission, both in the commercial and domestic segment has so far successfully commissioned projects within Mumbai and Started expanding its network in all major cities. A part of direct installation APN has been involved with 4 different companies as an Engineer partner

With Govt. of India setting its target for 30% electrification of transportation & mobility sector till 2030, India is set to see a paradigm shift and lead on the world stage in electric mobility. We at APN are developing ourselves to play a key role in developing

the ecosystem with an R&D team , technology and creating the end to end sustainable solutions viz. Batteries, Charging stations, Swap Stations and sustainable transportation solutions with 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers for First & Last mile connectivity for businesses and individual

JV Manufacture

We have an join venture with “ Prashant ” Panels , Having and Manufacture factory at Ambernath ( Maharashtra ) Our venture which is an MNRE authorise manufacture has a capacity to develop 5MW panels every month with a high efficiency technology the performance of the panel is A+.

  1. In the maximum efficiency division, we study the performance of all our panels throughout the product value chain, from the silicon extraction process, the treatment of the solar cells and their subsequent transformation into the TM-Series® solar panels that we offer our customers.
  2. High performance, quality, respect for the environment and making clean energy profitable is our motivation to continue evolving in this industry.
  3.  Satisfaction of saving the environment and energy that will make a large difference.
  4. Independence and Security.
  5. A single 2kW solar power system from Prashant Solar will reduce CO2 emissions by about 2 tonnes per year , thus helping earth more sustainable over the years and future generation to be more secure and healthy.
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