Solar Subsidy In Maharashtra

Apn recently registered in Solar Subsidy In Maharashtra. Following the recent statement from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, there has been a significant move towards solar energy. Thanks to government subsidies, solar installations are now more cost-effective and within reach for many. This is an ideal time to take advantage of the potential of solar power and work towards a more environmentally friendly future. 

India’s Rooftop Solar (RTS) programme, with its four-Solar Subsidy In Maharashtra 2024year extension, now targets achieving its 40 GW rooftop solar capacity addition goal by March 2026. With over 300 million households and an average of 300 sunny days each year in India, residential rooftop solar installations hold tremendous potential in the country. However, as of February 27, 2023, only 43,171 applications were received on the National Portal for subsidy application, indicating that we are far from reaching the 40 GW target.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of solar electricity, the subsidy programs available, and how you can smoothly switch to solar energy.

The state of Maharashtra holds immense potential to undergo a significant transformation thanks to solar power. By utilizing sunlight to generate electricity, solar panels present a sustainable and eco-friendly option compared to traditional energy sources. This not only reduces electricity expenses, but it also significantly lowers carbon emissions, leading to a healthier environment for future generations.


Understanding Solar Subsidy Offers

Government subsidies are crucial in encouraging people and housing communities to invest in solar energy. To better understand the subsidy offers, let’s refer to the table below, which outlines the incentives provided by the government for solar investments in Maharashtra through APN Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd.


Subsidy for residential households 

Rs. 30,000/- per kW up to 2 kW 

Rs. 18,000/- per kW for additional capacity up to 3 kW Total Subsidy for systems larger than 3 kW capped at Rs 78,000 


Suitable Rooftop Solar Plant Capacity for households 

Average Monthly 


Consumption (units)

Suitable Rooftop  Solar Plant  


Subsidy Support


1 – 2 kW 

Rs 30,000 to Rs 60,000/-


2 – 3 kW 

Rs 60,000 to Rs 78,000/-

>300  Above 3 kW 

Rs 78,000/-

These financial incentives greatly lower the initial expenses of setting up solar panels, making it a feasible choice for individuals and residential communities.

Team Of APN Solar receiving award of the best solar company in Maharashtra.
Team of APN Solar receiving an award for the Best Solar Company In Maharashtra.

Why Choose APN Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd.? 


Solar Power means guaranteed savings on your electricity bills and more money to power your business needs.

APN Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. shines as a top player in the solar field, providing customized solutions to fit your specific requirements. With a group of skilled experts and a dedication to excellence, APN Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. guarantees smooth installation and outstanding service throughout your solar journey.

Domestic consumers are informed that to get subsidy under the scheme of the Ministry, they should install rooftop solar plants only from the empanelled vendors of the DISCOMs & APN Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. is one of the trusted and empanelled vendors in Maharashtra state DISCOM.

For expert and hassle-free assistance throughout the process, reach out to APN Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Take the right step into the world of Solar Power Solutions with Easy Financing Schemes for both Residential Customers as well as SMEs and C&Is.

Benefit from solar subsidies in as little as 1 month* from application. If you are looking to install solar at your home, we will give you a solution that will generate free electricity for more than 25 years!

With government subsidies making solar energy more accessible, now is the perfect time to adopt clean, renewable power in Maharashtra. By selecting APN Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. as your reliable partner, you can take advantage of these subsidy offers and have a positive impact on both your energy expenses and the environment.

Contact APN Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. today and begin your journey toward a brighter, more sustainable future. 

Please give us a call at 9594997034.



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