Best EV charger distributor in mumbai 2023 . Because the EV charging station market is expected to grow 5 to 7 times in the next 5 years. It was valued at 5 billion dollars in 2020 and optimistic predictions see it reach around 35 billion by 2026, which would make EVs represent 15% of all car sales worldwide within 5 years.

Our low cost, compact and smart IoT (Internet of things) powered electric vehicle charging station – APN EV Chargers can be hosted by small shops, restaurants, homeowners, offices, PGs and those looking to earn an additional income. It is an affordable charging station compatible with electric car, electric scooter and electric autos.

EV charging distribution
refers to the process of distributing electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment to various locations like homes, workplaces, public charging stations, and other facilities where EV drivers can charge their vehicles.

EV charging distribution is a crucial aspect of the EV charging infrastructure, as it enables EV drivers to have access to charging stations whenever and wherever they need it. EV charging equipment can be distributed by various entities like EV charging companies, utility companies, government organizations, and private entities.

The distribution of EV charging equipment involves several steps, including planning the location and type of charging stations, installing the equipment, and maintaining and managing the charging stations. This process requires collaboration between various stakeholders like EV manufacturers, charging equipment providers, property owners, and government agencies to ensure seamless and efficient EV charging infrastructure.

With the growing adoption of EVs worldwide, the importance of EV charging distribution is increasing rapidly, and many companies and organizations are investing in expanding the EV charging infrastructure to meet the increasing demand for EV charging facilities. We are also certified as best solar buisness in 2023

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