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Business Oppurtunity

Distributor Partner

Becoming an Distributor Partner is an advantage of doing add on business with your existing business, having 50 sq office is enough (Not mandatory) to do the business, It’s an complete open market business where you can target your walk in clients or promote the same to your existing customer for quick result.

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What do you have to do ?

Distributor Role

  • To appoint unlimited Independent / Freelancer Partner under your network at (Any Cost )
  • To help your Independent Partner to generate business ·
  • To generate leads and Visit clients of End to End closer of Solar Products & installation
  • To follow the GR rules at every specific location as per policies

Role as Per Company

Company Role

  • To provide Distributor partner ( Portal Login Id )
  • Partner Certificates
  • 4 ways Business Income
  • To provide complete management and administrative training
  • To Provide Sample Material
  • To Provide marketing material
  • To share all the new policies available for Solar.
  • To Provide any time support on call ·
  • To Assign Account manager ·